Temperament Counseling

Temperament Counseling

Temperament theory is one of the oldest disciplines dealing with human behavior dating back to the fourth century. Scientific studies have clearly shown that everyone is born with one of five temperaments. We all have witnessed this first hand with toddlers and infants, where each have a distinctive temperament.  One may cry at the slightest change in a mother’s face, another is temperamental or moody, yet another is always happy and smiling. They didn’t develop these traits, they were born with them. While we may grow and change over the course of our lives,  the temperament itself can never be changed. It is who you are as a person and how you will remain for the rest of your life.

This does not mean that all people with the same temperaments will think and act in an identical manner.  We are not a cookie-cutter creation. Individuals with the same temperament may think differently and interact within their environment in different ways based on a number of factors, e.g., belief systems, childhood experiences, upbringing as a child, training and education, for example. Temperament determines how we interact with our environment and the people around us. It also determines our perception and understanding of ourselves and of the people who love us.

Your character is developed over the course of time based upon significant people or events that have influenced the way you think and feel, what you come to value in life. Our personality, on the other hand, is a mask; it is how we want the world to see us and the way we believe we must be in order to survive in the world. This is why we can act a certain way at work or out in public and appear to be a totally different human being when we come home. You see, once we are home the mask comes off because there is no longer a need for it. We can be who we really are.

Temperament Counseling (using the Cognitive Concept)

The temperament is to the mind what a CAT scan or x-ray is to the body. It allows the counselor to see beyond the problems that are hurting or destroying your marriage, family or career, and addresses the cause. To do otherwise lengthens the healing process by years.  Some never get out of therapy.  When you go to a doctor in pain, the physician does not immediately begin setting up surgery procedures or prescribe expensive drugs before obtaining a positive diagnosis. Modern imaging technology facilitates the medical profession by providing an accurate picture of one’s internal body parts.  The image must be consistent with what a trained medical doctor recognizes as either healthy or diseased.

Likewise, when an individual comes to a counselor because of emotional pain, a trained professional does not quickly administer advice regarding the symptoms (consequences of our actions) related to your problem. This will come in time. However, the counselor wants to begin at the source of the problem, seeking an accurate picture of what is going on in  the mind. It is critical to know how you are thinking, the fundamental cause of all problems. Like the x-ray, a Temperament Analysis Profile is the examination tool we use to identify an individual’s god-given temperament. It helps to identify the weaknesses associated with a particular temperament and the misguided thinking that produces maladaptive behavior. It helps provide the answer to the problems that plague human relationships.

Why Temperament Counseling Works!

Every person is unique and has different temperament needs.  When we attempt to get these needs met apart from our relationship with God, we have conflict in our lives.  These conflicts are caused by:

  • Trying to get our needs met apart from God’s plan for our lives.
  • Not getting certain needs met because we are spending all our energy meeting some needs while ignoring others.
  • Reacting in a negative (angry, frustrated) way to unmet temperament needs.

Temperament is made up of characteristics we call strengths, and when utilized correctly they fulfill the purpose of the Creator who provided them. Temperament weaknesses are imperfections, flaws in our being that brought about the fall of man. The way you perceive yourself, your world and the God of universe, will determine your behavior.  All of these perceptions are an integral part of the temperament, which is the determining factor of who we are. However, what we will ultimately become is dependent upon our environment and in particular, our relationship with God. Man has physical, emotional and spiritual needs and when he attempts to meet them in selfish, ungodly ways, it causes pain, heartache and great difficult. More often as not we do what makes us happy or feel good without considering the consequences of our actions. We are unable to change our temperament, but we can change the way we think, making better decisions that will help bring about the abundant life that God desires for our lives.

Temperament, in concert with the Cognitive Counseling Model, helps draw attention to problem areas likely to cause difficulty down the road, and addresses the problems the counselee is already experiencing. The process works to find ways to help people to meet their needs in a godly, more productive way according to the Word of God. They will be empowered with the communication and problem solving skills enabling them to make better decisions in the face of conflict or any of life’s challenges. In this, they fulfill the Lord’s purpose in their lives, bringing the love, joy, peace and harmony that our loving Father wants for us. We finally obtain the elusive happiness we all desire but fail to achieve because of sin, especially our self-centered nature.

What Temperament Counseling Offers

  • Learn about your temperament weaknesses and understand how to meet your needs in a godly way.  Discover and implement what will work to change your life in a positive way – now and forever.
  • Understand yourself, who you are and why you think and act the way you do, and how your temperament weaknesses are negatively impacting your life.
  • Meet the challenges you currently face armed with knowledge, solve problems, learn to deal with stress, disappointment or depression and take charge of living life rather than merely reacting to it.  This is accomplished in two ways:
    • 1.  Corrective.  Come to recognize dysfunctional thinking and what you are doing wrong.  You then have the option of taking the necessary steps to exchange destructive patterns for a more constructive way of living. This puts your life back in your hands, no longer a victim of circumstances but victorious in spite of them.
    • 2.  Preventative. Learn where you are most vulnerable and find ways to avoid dysfunctional thinking, negative feelings and disruptive behavior. You cannot control what happens to you in life, but you do have a choice in how you respond, and making the right one can and will make a positive difference in your life.
  • Consider the temperament of your spouse, family members, elders, deacons, co-workers – discover ways to communicate and resolve conflicts without compromising values or losing your identity.

Taking the Temperament Analysis Profile (Arno-B)

Knowing our temperament is crucial to understanding why we think and act the way we do. It is critical to counseling as it based on the fact that man is made in the image of God and not the result of an evolutionary process. Consequently, there is a huge difference between this type of counseling and the conventional therapy used by therapists licensed by the State. Creation Therapy is a concept, for Temperament Counseling that was developed by Dr. Richard Arno, President and Dr. Phyllis Arno, Executive Vice President of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (S.A.C.C) and recognized by  the National Christian Counselors Association. Temperament is determined by administering the Arno  Profile System (APS).  Seven years of research and the testing in excess of 5000 individuals demonstrated that the APS was  95.7 % successful when administered by a person who has been trained in this biblical counseling technique.  This is an incredible breakthrough in modern psychology. John Price is a certified Temperament Counselor and is able to administer this profile for a fee of $110.00.  This profile is good for a lifetime.

Important Consideration

As you read or discuss your profile, it is critical to remember that this is a general diagnosis and not a specific interpretation of your life or behavior.  It is valuable because it will help you discover the strengths you may develop as well as the weaknesses you may resist.  It will also reveal unmet needs that can cause stress and conflict in your life and your relationships with others.  If we are open to change, understanding our weaknesses can help us resolve conflicts and improve our relationships with loved ones. More importantly, it will also help us in our relationship with God. Satisfy this, our greatest need, only then will our marriage and family relationships become the very best they can be. The end result is love, joy, peace and harmony– a truly abundant life.

Are you thinking about counseling?  Have you been to other counselors or therapists and feel that you are not making any progress?  Come on in for a free consultation and discover how the Cognitive Concept and knowledge of Temperament can make all the difference in the world.