Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


Professor Aaron Beck developed CBT in the 1960’s for treatment of depression but it has been very successful in treating a wide range of emotional and psychological problems. CBT works extremely well by helping the counselee to actually think about their thinking, because our thoughts affect the way we feel and subsequently determines our behavior. CBT effects change by making us responsible for our own actions and not blame others or the environment – much like Adam and Eve did.  Accountability works! It works by first examining the facts of the situation, past patterns of thinking and reacting, then exploring alternative ways of thinking and examining the best way of responding to those situations.  Most are unaware that it is not the events that cause problems in our lives, it is our interpretation of those events.  Subsequently, we may react poorly, guided by negative thinking that only compounds what we believe to be negative or distressing events.  CBT helps us to see the bigger picture and view such events more objectively and effectively to bring about meaningful change.  CBT is man’s best effort to explain human behavior and serves to illuminate the Word of God. It brings glory to Him, pointing to the spiritual principles established by our Creator in the beginning and recorded in the Bible.  Using the Bible as our foundations and CBT as a way to help us better understand God’s word and to apply it effectively, this modality is a powerhouse that brings about change not just in our actions but transforms the mind – how we think – that which is in our heart and soul!

Counseling should not work to treat the symptoms associated with our maladaptive behaviors or dysfunctional thinking rather it must strive to determine their cause. Imagine going to a doctor who only treats the symptoms of your disease after expensive testing and the use of costly drugs but has little or no interest in finding the cause. While you might be happy living with less pain, would you be satisfied that nothing is being done to find a cure?  Likewise, do you desire a way to mask the problems you face or find a solution to them?  It is more beneficial for you to be able to develop problem solving and communication skills to help you meet the challenges that daily confront your life in order to achieve the happiness you desire as well as improve your spiritual, emotional and physical well being.  CBT has enjoyed a phenomenal success doing just that! The majority of marriages and families experience a difference in just weeks and are well on their way to a better life in twenty weeks or less. This is true only where all parties have actually put forth a realistic effort to do their homework and take the necessary steps to make meaningful changes in their life.


In reality, the Cognitive Concept was first taught over two thousand years ago and is recorded  in Romans 12:1,2; it is the first step to restoring our relationship with God (John 3:5) and to receive the healing we all desire. We draw closer to Christ in the transformation of our mind, exchanging carnal thinking with godly thinking, thereby changing both feelings and behavior. In this process, you allow Him to speak to you and become the difference in your life, whether married or single, and the savior of your soul. Then you will discover and take hold of the peace, happiness and spiritual fulfillment God wills for your life and what your heart earnestly desires. Likewise, the CBT counseling model as indicated earlier, works to change the way we think, which alters the way we feel that in turn changes our behavior and the way we either react or respond to the problems facing us, whether we are a believer or unbeliever. It will prepare us for our career, how to manage others or work with those having authority over us, how to get along and work well with others. This counseling offer the formula for success! Using proven techniques along with the a Temperament Profile Analysis, described elsewhere on this site, CBT seeks to identify the thinking that causes destructive behavior patterns. Through the process of awareness of dysfunctional thinking, we work together  to transform the mind to engage in more functional thinking, enabling one to make better choices and find either godly or more acceptable ways to meet our needs.  Be prepared for life!

Who Can Benefit from CBT?

  • Communication or Problem Solving Skills
  • Constant Fighting
  • Anger Control Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Abusive relationships (physical and emotional)
  • Adulterous Affairs
  • Disrespect / Dishonoring one another
  • Pre-marital couples
  • Dysfunctional families
  • Drug or alcohol problems
  • Other addictions, such as gambling
  • Unforgiveness
  • To name a few

Introduction of the Cognitive Concept

CBT helps discover and isolate the causative factors related to the problems you face in your interpersonal relationships. Through this process a pattern of thinking emerges that enables one to discern how it is actually affecting your behavior and resulting in the problems that are eroding your marriage, family or your ability to relate to people. Quite often, many of our problems can be traced back to a single cause due to the belief system that we have developed over the course of a life time, sometimes referred to as our Schema.  For example:

  • An Event – a problem or difficult situation presents itself
  • Thoughts – respond (interpret) an inevitable way because of past experiences
  • Feelings – our interpretation produces a predetermined feeling
  • Behavior – a planned reaction with predictable behavior

The formula is simple:  How we think affects how we feel which determines behavior!   How you think about a problem can affect how you feel physically and emotionally and will assuredly change how you react or respond.

An Example

You are sitting in a Bible class listening to a very powerful, passionate and articulate speaker. The person next to you, a long time member, says, “This guy is incredibly smart.  He is the best teacher we have ever had; I learn so much from him.”  What will you likely think about this teacher thereafter?  Suppose the situation is different.  Let’s say the person next to you says, “This guy is so arrogant and thinks he knows it all. No one can get a word in edgewise. He is so pushy and I can’t wait until we get somebody else to take his place.”  Now the teacher’s passion is likely to be interpreted as arrogance, his knowledge and wisdom may be seen as “prideful; showing off,” and his sincerity might be thought of as pushy or self-serving.

A single event produced two different interpretations depending on how you thought about the situation. In this example, the person next to you represents your belief system and how it can influence your thinking either in a positive and negative way.

Negative thoughts produce bad feelings and always translates into some form of maladaptive behavior, actions that cause problems for self and others.

Objective of LoveSpeak Administering the CBT Concept

It is our ministry and objective to assist the counselee in identifying negative, dysfunctional thinking and replace it with more functional thinking resulting in righteous or moral behavior, whether one is a believer or an unbeliever.  We give you the tools and help you develop the communication and problem solving skills needed to deal with life’s situations in the immediate and into the future – without the need of further counseling.  If an unbeliever, the goal is to make you self-reliant, able to address and solve your own problems.  If a believer, to make you reliant upon and answerable to God; to be responsible and held accountable for your thinking, feelings and behavior. Letting go and letting God is guaranteed to transform your life!